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Bank of Ireland Credit Cards

The bank of Ireland has many credit cards to offer you.  This wide range of credit card offers will help you find the card that will best work for you.  This article is going to review each of the six credit cards offered by the Bank of Ireland.  These credit cards include MoneyBack, Ulster Rugby MasterCard, MasterCard standard, MasterCard gold, Queen’s Affinity, and the Student credit card.  You will discover there are numerous differences in these cards and that some are going to be for very specific purposes.


The MoneyBack credit card from the Bank of Ireland offers you an annual percentage rate of 16.9%.  This interest rate is going to be variable.  It is called the MoneyBack card because you will be able to earn cash back when you have this card.  For every purchase you make up to 15,000 pounds you can earn .5% cash back on the purchases.  There is an introductory rate with this credit card that often makes it one of the best choices in credit cards.  The introductory rate of zero percent will last for 3 months.  There is also 51 days of interest free credit when the balance is paid in full.  The balance must be paid in full by the due date.  The cardholders will be given 20 days from the statement date to pay their bill.  Other credit cards on the market will only allow for 15 days between the statement date and the payment.  If you are interested in applying for the card there is no annual fee.  Other options you have with this card include 24 hour customer service, emergency card replacement, pin selection, Ireland Pass Machines, and the option of payment and purchase protection insurance.  The variable interest rate mentioned early can change as you use the card and should be a consideration before you apply.  Overall the information provided about the card offers a rather low Money Back option at the .5% where as some cards on the market have 5%.

Ulster Rugby MasterCard:

The Ulster Rugby MasterCard is for anyone who doesn’t want rewards from a card to end up in their pocket.  The Ulster Rugby MasterCard has been created to help support the Rugby team in Ulster.  When you apply for this car you will be helping to support the development of the team.  This means that any charges that you use the cards for will in some way contribute to the rugby team.  The payments you make are just one way the team will feel your support.  If you are a fan of rugby this card could be something you would be interested in.

There are chances for you to win prizes by having the card.  If you are a winner in the drawings you could get a trip to see the Ulster team play, get signed shirts, photos, or even international tickets.  There is no guarantee of being a winner with the card.

The card itself has the same 16.9% variable rate that is an average rate of other cards.  You also have the zero percent balance transfers and no annual fee.

MasterCard Standard:

The Standard MasterCard does not allow for any special rewards.  In fact it is your basic card that could be from any bank in Ireland.  The interest rate is typical at 16.9% variable.  There is no annual fee, zero percent interest for purchases for three months, and a zero percent interest on balance transfers for nine months.  There is a fee of 2.5% for the balance transfer.  You can also obtain 56 days interest free with this particular card.  The repayment schedule is going to be flexible for you.  Two protection options with this card include the payment and purchase protection.  This card is very simple in the set up and allows you a little control.  If you need a special repayment option such as 20 days between the statement date and payment due the bank is willing to work with you.

MasterCard Gold:

The Gold MasterCard from the Bank of Ireland offers a better interest rate than other Bank of Ireland cards.  You have a 15.9% annual percentage rate that varies.  There is also a zero percent interest rate on purchases for three months and on balance transfers for nine months.  You will still have the same 2.5% balance transfer fee. The card apparently offers you status as a MasterCard member and with that you have 56 days interest free credit, flexible payments, payment and purchase protection.  To receive this card you must have earnings of 15,000 pounds or more in a year.  This card is a little bit difficult to obtain for some individuals because of the requirements, but the offer of a lower interest rate can make this card more appealing to certain residents.

Queen’s Affinity Card:

The Queen’s Affinity Card will allow you to donate to the Queen’s University.  These donations will help the college survive and help students that may not normally be able to attend.  The annual percentage rate is 16.9% variable.  There is no annual fee, and you have up to 56 days of interest free credit.  This Bank of Ireland card offers the same options in card protection as well as flexible repayments as their other cards.  The Queen’s University donation is usually 10 pounds when you apply for the card.  The donations can continue based on how much you use the card.

Student Credit Card:

The Bank of Ireland offers six different types of credit cards.  We have reviewed five of them to find that the typical APR is 16.9% and that they have flexible repayment schedules that can be extremely helpful to the card holder.  A few of the cards available offer rewards programs whether it is for free merchandise that can be won or cash back from the purchases you make.  The Student Credit Card offers the same 16.9% APR variable rate with no annual fee.  The credit limit for the card is 250 pounds.  The student card is relatively good for any student who needs to book tickets for travel.  The card is also usable at 48,000 locations throughout Ireland and in over 21 million shops in 200 countries.  The card is based on your balance in your bank account.

Overall the credit cards from Bank of Ireland have a comparable interest rate to other credit cards available from banks around the world.  The fact that they offer a flexible repayment schedule is one aspect that makes this card unique from others and may be helpful to your lifestyle if your pay periods are uncertain.